• 7.3 Stage 3 Injectors and Tuner Combo

Put the best of both worlds together with Unlimited Diesel's Fuel Injectors and a PHP Hydra with Gearhead Custom Tuning. 

  • The Hydra allows us to email you files later down the road whenever you modify your set up
  • The Combo comes with LIFETIME GEARHEAD REBURNS
Stage 3 “Hybrids” 94-03 7.3L
238cc/80% Nozzles – These are the ultimate towing/street/strip injectors!!! These injectors are capable of 500 RWHP, but can also be detuned to tow heavy loads with EGT’s less than 1250*F sustained! This is a great choice for someone who has installed an upgraded Turbo. Even with the size of these injectors, dual high pressure oil pumps are still not a requirement with proper tuning. Head studs are recommended if you are planning on running over 40 PSI of boost. Fuel pressure should be checked also to ensure at least 60 PSI. Custom Tuning required for optimal performance.

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7.3 Stage 3 Injectors and Tuner Combo

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