• Unlimited Diesel 7.3 Injectors

Split Shot

Stock AD Injectors 99-03 7.3L – $1200.00

Single Shot

Stage 1 “A” Codes 94-03 7.3L – $1200.00
160cc/Stock Nozzles – These are entry level performance injectors. These injectors have the capability of producing 350RWHP with the proper tuning and supporting Modifications. These are a great improvement over the stock injectors for 94-97 model years, where the stock injectors were only maxing out at 98cc’s. Take your Old Body Style 7.3L Power Stroke to the next level of performance!
Stage 1.5 “A” Codes 94-03 7.3L – $1575.00
160cc/30% Nozzles – Similar to the stage 1 with a slightly larger NEW nozzle. This injector is great for those wanting maximum power and lowest smoke with a stock turbo. This injector is great for towing and makes another 40HP over the stage 1 with similar EGTs under all conditions while doing so.
Stage 2 “A” Codes 94-03 7.3L – $1775.00
160cc/80% Nozzles – The increased flow rate of the 80% nozzles are capable of producing more than 80 RWHP over our Stage 1′s. These injectors are great for a person that wants to use their truck for daily driving, towing, or just playing around on the street. You can literally detune these injectors to run stock HP Levels or power levels of right at 400 RWHP. We recommend turbo and HPOP upgrades for these injectors, but it is not required. Custom tuning is required for optimal performance.
Stage 3 “Hybrids” 94-03 7.3L – $1975.00
238cc/80% Nozzles – These are the ultimate towing/street/strip injectors!!! These injectors are capable of 500 RWHP, but can also be detuned to tow heavy loads with EGT’s less than 1250*F sustained! This is a great choice for someone who has installed an upgraded Turbo. Even with the size of these injectors, dual high pressure oil pumps are still not a requirement with proper tuning. Head studs are recommended if you are planning on running over 40 PSI of boost. Fuel pressure should be checked also to ensure at least 60 PSI. Custom Tuning required for optimal performance.
Stage 3.5 “Hybrids” 94-03 7.3L – $2275.00
250cc/100% Nozzles – With a slightly larger nozzle than the stage 3 as well as mild body modifications, this injector can support up to 550 HP while being completely streetable and tow as well. This injector works well with a modded H2e type turbo or a 38r with ported heads and a Head studs are recommended at this level and above. Fuel pressure should be checked also to ensure at least 60 PSI. Custom Tuning required for optimal performance.
Stage 4 “Hybrids” 94-03 7.3L – $2475.00
300cc/200% Nozzles – With a larger capacity more body modifications than the stage 3.5, this maximum street injector will satisfy those craving big street horsepower while still being streetable.
Stage 5 “Hybrids” 94-03 7.3L – $2975.00
450cc/400% Nozzles – This injector is custom bulilt to suit your particular application and must be paired with the proper amount of airflow so that it makes more power than the stage 4. It is entirely possible to make less HP than the stage 4 injector when run with the wrong combination of airflow. Dual high pressure oil pumps, fuel systems, head studs, BIG Turbo(s), heavy duty drivelines, and CUSTOM tuning, are not a recommendation, they are REQUIRED!!

**Note – All injectors have a $600 core charge per 8 injectors and purchaser must return cores to the injector builder within 30 calendar days. Any unusable (damaged) injectors will not be eligible for a core credit ($75)

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Unlimited Diesel 7.3 Injectors

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