I paid for my tunes, now what?
You will receive an order confirmation via email, that confirmation will include a link to your tuning sheet. You will need to fill out and submit that form.

I have submitted my tuning sheet, how long until I receive my tunes?
Under normal circumstances custom tunes are delivered via email within 2 business days of completing the custom tuning sheet. Tuning forms submitted after 4:30pm CST will not be processed until the following business day.

I purchased a tuner and tune package, how do I fill out my tuning form?
We will drop ship the SCT direct to you, once you receive your tuner you can use that to find your engine strategy code. If you want to purchase a preloaded device you must call before ordering to make arrangements and provide your strategy code at the time of purchase.

I want to purchase MCC tuning for my truck, how do I export my base files?
Pages 9-17 will walk you through exporting your base files and opening the folder on your computer. We will need both of the files in the "Custom" folder. http://www.hsperformance.com/images/mcc.pdf

I have a competition SCT tuner, will that work on my 6.4?
No, SCT has never released a competition tuner. You will need a true OR or R device.

I am sending my chip in for a reburn, what do I need to do?
If this is your first reburn with us, you will need to purchase the reburn on our 7.3 product page. You will be sent a confirmation with a tuning form. You will need to fill out and submit that form.

When you ship your TS chip to us we will need
  • Invoice number
  • Return shipping address
  • A good contact number for you
If you are an existing customer and we are reburning a chip with our tunes already on it we will need
  • Year and transmission of the truck
  • Full list of mods done to the truck
  • Return shipping address
  • A good contact number for you

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