• Driven Diesel Race Fuel Supply Kit

This Driven Diesel RACE Fuel Delivery Kit is designed to work with our FUEL BOWL DELETE Regulated Return Systems to support whatever horsepower you are trying to reach, while still maintaining "Near OE" reliability. We have accomplished this by using two of the Bosch OE fuel pumps from a 7.3L Super Duty. These pumps were specifically designed to pump diesel fuel and have proven time and again that they are capable of running in excess of 100,000 miles without fail. By running two of these pumps in a "side by side" parallel configuration, we have doubled the volume of fuel we are capable of delivering to the engine, allowing us to support large injector upgrades without sacrificing reliability. Dual pumps also provides a level of redundancy for "high performance" trucks that are also asked to do regular duty as the family tow rig or daily driver. Coupled with our new Compact Fuel Pump & Filter Mounting Bracket and either our 5/8" Drawstraw or our new Billet Sump, this kit provides everything you need to feed your hungry 7.3L or 6.0L Powerstroke truck.

Kit Features:
• INCLUDES (2) BRAND NEW Bosch 7.3L Electric Fuel Pumps
• Option to Delete One or Both Fuel Pumps From Kit if Desired
• (2) Driven Diesel High Flow Check Valves
• Driven Diesel T-304 Stainless Steel "No-Drill" Mounting Bracket
• Rubber Insulated Clamps to Reduce Pump Noise / Vibration 
• High Quality Filter Heads with Baldwin Fuel Filters
• Driven Diesel 5/8" Drawstraw -or- Billet Fuel Tank Sump
• Driven Diesel Fuel Pump Wiring Harness **
• ALL Necessary Hose / Fittings / Clamps / Hardware
• Full Color Installation Instructions

** WIRING NOTE : We provide this kit with a single wiring harness, and instructions that will run BOTH fuel pumps 100% of the time. This is NOT the only way to do it, running dual pumps provides a flexibility that you don't get with a single pump setup, you simply need to purchase a second fuel pump harness (see "Related Products" below) to open up the possibilities. With two separate harnesses, you could have complete, independent control of your fuel pumps from inside the cab. With a pair of toggle switches (not included), you could run the truck on a single fuel pump under "normal driving" conditions, easily alternate back and forth between the pumps so you are not always running the same one, and easily enable the second pump only when you are needing the extra volume.

This kit was designed to mount INSIDE the frame rail, forward of the stock fuel tank. The fully assembled pump bracket requires about 13-15" of straight frame space to allow for the inlet and outlet hoses to route cleanly. If you have a short wheelbase truck or you have other equipment already mounted in the area forward of the fuel tank, you may want to measure and verify that you have room before ordering, or plan on installing the kit on the OUTSIDE of the frame rail. In these cases, care will need to be taken with regard to the parking brake cable and fuel line routing, and some trucks may require slight dimpling of the underbody to prevent rubbing. All of the pictures in the instructions show a system plumbed for INSIDE the frame mounting.

  • 03-07 6.0L NOTE : Although this kit was designed to work with our new "6.0L Fuel Bowl Delete" Regulated Return Kit, it is also possible to use it with our standard 6.0L Regulated Return Kit by connecting the outlet hose from this kit to the stock metal fuel supply line that runs from from the outlet of the stock fuel pump to the engine, and removing the stock fuel filter cartridge and standpipe assembly from the secondary fuel filter bowl. See the instructions for more detailed information.

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Driven Diesel Race Fuel Supply Kit

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